Sara Falamaki Speaker For MSC Malaysia OSCONF 2009

Sara Falamaki Speaker For MSC Malaysia OSCONF 2009

Sara is a software developer based in Sydney. She currently works in a traffic enforcement company, writing software to extract infringement information from roadside gadgets like cameras, induction loops and speed limit signs. She has previously worked at a web start up, an industrial automation company and has tutored classes at university.

Sara developed systems enabling traffic enforcement tools to communicate and corroborate traffic events. Most of her development work is done using C++ on top of an ACE based framework. Sra also designed database schema and SQL queries, implemented site monitoring system using Python and AJAX.

Sara is activity involved in various Women In Computing activities including "Build-Your-Own-Computer" day, Unix Workshops, programming classes for high school girls and primary school girls brainstorming workshops. Co-organizer of the Linuxchix miniconference at in 2007.

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