Cyber Merdeka Cyber Sovereignity By Azrul Hasni Madisa

Cyber Merdeka Cyber Sovereignity By Azrul Hasni Madisa

Lightning talk MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009
3 June 2009. 5pm Bronx V

Cyber Merdeka Cyber Sovereignity

Cyber Merdeka Cyber Sovereignity - Presentation Transcript

Cyber Merdeka ([email protected])
Who are these people
What did they do
They struggle for our independance
Today …
Our independence is again under threat...
Our IT independence that is
Our government's data
… is stored in propreitary file format
… and in propeitary databases
… running on propeitary systems
… whose IP are owned by foreign companies
Who love software patent like Britney loves her poodle
Who can pull the plug on us at any time.. you know, like tomorrow
What are we?
[email protected]
We have to fight for our IT independance!!
By using Open Source
So that we are in control
The government says...
We have to be neutral
Neutral my stiking foot!!
We have to be BIAS
… towards our own interest
The Americans ...
… are always protecting their interest
Why don't we?
Open source not owned by anyone.
It's not ours
It's the next best thing
We can modify it and change it …
… heck
… we can publish the code on TV, for all we care
… and that is OK
( As if Malaysian TV is not boring enough already)
What platform
Doc. mgmt Workflow Whatever... Scala,PHP, Ruby, Phyton PHP, Ruby, Phyton JVM Open source OS (Linux,Solaris, BSD ...) Open source HW (OpenSPARC)
What can you do?
...people around you, especially if they are not in IT
of the importance of IT sovereignity
Malaysians are nobody's PANSY!
I had a meeting with MDEC
50.6% of MSC companies are struggling to look for Java Programmers
… and yet our university grads only know VB
… and VB 6 at that
Cyber Merdeka is not just a call
For hippies
Who hug trees
And burn bras
… if you do wear a bra
Of course
You can burn someone else's bra too
(Sorry I digress)
This call makes ...
So if our forefather give their lives for our independance
We need to give our code
… and our sweat and our time and our attention
… to Open Source
For our independance
MERDEKA!! ( Freedom )
Did I sound like William Walace from Braveheart? :)
Is Mel Gibson in the room?
TQ ([email protected]) (
Do want schools to be named after you!
So fight for our Cyber Merdeka!

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