2nd Meeting For OSS Conference 2010

Meeting For OSS Conference 2010

24 Feb 2010

IRC Log Freenode #osdc.my

(09:33:37 PM) #osdc.my: The topic for #osdc.my is: Welcome to Open Source Developer Club Malaysia. Visit http://osdc.my for more details.
(09:39:17 PM) yun [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-yrhvigquqohbvhda] entered the room.
(09:42:29 PM) maulvi [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-lttzhmguihmckhva] entered the room.
(09:42:43 PM) wariola: salam
(09:42:46 PM) wariola: wah makin ramai masuk
(09:42:52 PM) wariola: ajohan, kabare pak?
(09:42:59 PM) wariola: tgh sebuk coding lg ke?
(09:43:05 PM) maulvi: Salam semua!
(09:43:23 PM) ajohan: kabare waras pak, ha ah. tengah duk coding lagi
(09:43:26 PM) ajohan: nak buat mcm mana
(09:43:27 PM) ajohan: mencari sesuap nasik
(09:43:45 PM) wariola: ko bukan sesuap nasi
(09:43:52 PM) wariola: segantang nasik
(09:43:57 PM) wariola: pakcik kayo
(09:44:13 PM) ***wariola tak pernah tgk channel ni ramai camni
(09:44:15 PM) F4zli: salam sokmo ...
(09:45:28 PM) ***maulvi kata - 'dah advertise kat fesbuk, sapa suruh'
(09:45:40 PM) wariola: haha maulvi
(09:45:45 PM) wariola: aku tak tahu lak tang tuh
(09:45:51 PM) wariola: baguslar
(09:45:55 PM) wariola: the more the merrier
(09:46:06 PM) ***maulvi pegi cebok anak berak kejap.. brb
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(09:47:51 PM) LowKey: salam
(09:47:57 PM) LowKey: tumpang lalu..
(09:48:08 PM) ajohan: kejap
(09:48:09 PM) ajohan: restart dulu
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(09:50:09 PM) virus_abnormal: salam.. :)
(09:50:18 PM) linuxmalaysia: Wassalam
(09:50:49 PM) ajohan [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-tgtvjitaobejiijv] entered the room.
(09:51:26 PM) virus_abnormal: haih.. mebi dpt join skejap saje ni.. still kat opis.. ade keje sket.. huhu
(09:52:20 PM) maulvi: I'm back..
(09:52:26 PM) linuxmalaysia: Chair by Wariola
(09:53:31 PM) umarzuki [[email protected]] entered the room.
(09:54:44 PM) wariola: ?
(09:54:49 PM) ajohan: ??
(09:54:51 PM) wariola: dah start ke ?
(09:55:16 PM) wariola: we start in 5 miniutes
(09:55:27 PM) wariola: my time here is 9.55pm
(09:56:39 PM) linuxmalaysia: Lumlah
(09:56:44 PM) linuxmalaysia: tunggu chairman
(09:56:51 PM) linuxmalaysia: Wariola kau proceed ya
(09:58:15 PM) jose [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-mbhjffeuafvipmzv] entered the room.
(09:58:41 PM) F4zli: tunggu chairman start ... sambil meneguk white coffee .. :)
(09:58:53 PM) wariola: 2 more minutes
(09:58:58 PM) handy_ [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-mowvitnezvkxouaa] entered the room.
(10:00:33 PM) wariola: ok its time
(10:00:40 PM) wariola: hi / salam to all
(10:00:47 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok
(10:00:53 PM) linuxmalaysia: Wassalam
(10:00:59 PM) wariola: today we will start the meeting for osconf 2010
(10:01:15 PM) wariola: agenda
(10:01:17 PM) wariola: - Conference name
(10:01:17 PM) wariola: - sponsorship package
(10:01:17 PM) wariola: - Theme and topics
(10:01:17 PM) wariola: - volunteers for the team core and support.
(10:01:30 PM) wariola: its on the email
(10:01:39 PM) wariola: so I suppose most of u is here
(10:01:51 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok
(10:02:06 PM) wariola: as black is yet to be here, I'll be cover for him
(10:02:10 PM) wariola: core team
(10:02:18 PM) wariola: arafat, fazli, rizal ?
(10:02:20 PM) yun: noted
(10:02:21 PM) wariola: all here?
(10:02:57 PM) linuxmalaysia: fazli sahaja
(10:02:58 PM) F4zli: ado
(10:03:10 PM) wariola: PCBSD <--- bukan arafat ke? 
(10:03:35 PM) KageSenshi: bot 
(10:03:40 PM) wariola: ooo ok 
(10:03:42 PM) maulvi: Arafat punya bot kot.. 
(10:03:49 PM) KageSenshi: trunasuci / teruna suci 
(10:03:53 PM) KageSenshi: thats arafat 
(10:03:54 PM) wariola: so we will proceed anyway 
(10:04:09 PM) motionman: lol 
(10:04:13 PM) motionman: nice name 
(10:04:29 PM) wariola: we will proceed with the agenda 
(10:04:34 PM) F4zli: darasuci takde ke?? huhu 
(10:04:40 PM) wariola: and discuss whatever related after that 
(10:04:54 PM) wariola: we start with conference name 
(10:05:01 PM) ***KageSenshi giggles 
(10:05:07 PM) ***sniffit bitchslaps F4zli 
(10:05:12 PM) motionman: OSDC 2010? 
(10:05:13 PM) wariola: KageSenshi, ko bawah umur lg 
(10:05:25 PM) sharuzzaman [[email protected]] entered the room. 
(10:05:32 PM) wariola: ok motionman table the name OSDC 2010 (
10:05:34 PM) wariola: salam sharuzzaman 
(10:05:38 PM) sharuzzaman: w'salam 
(10:05:40 PM) F4zli: ahahaha betui tu .. 
(10:05:42 PM) motionman: i'm CL Chow btw 
(10:05:42 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok 
(10:05:44 PM) motionman: lol 
(10:05:50 PM) wariola: me and black suggested MIOSC
(10:05:51 PM) linuxmalaysia: CL welcome 
(10:05:57 PM) sniffit: wasn't there the name generator discussed the other day? no joy? (10:05:59 PM) F4zli: ws .. lol CL motionman .. so motion eh 
(10:06:02 PM) wariola: Malaysia International Open Source Conference 
(10:06:12 PM) wariola: hi CL 
(10:06:15 PM) KageSenshi: http://acronymcreator.net/ 
(10:06:15 PM) motionman: hey 
(10:06:23 PM) wariola: KageSenshi, why not give it a try 
(10:06:29 PM) handy_: OSDC. D stand for ...? 
(10:06:38 PM) wariola: Developers 
(10:06:47 PM) Azhax [[email protected]] entered the room. 
(10:06:48 PM) sharuzzaman: Malaysia and Internation does not sound nice together 
(10:06:53 PM) KageSenshi: wariola, ive pinged u few days ago bout that .. ure the one who didnt try it 
(10:07:05 PM) wariola: linuxmalaysia shld try it 
(10:07:09 PM) sharuzzaman: International Open Source Conference Malaysia 
(10:07:21 PM) wariola: hi Azhax, welcome (10:07:30 PM) linuxmalaysia: Im searching for it now (10:07:30 PM) KageSenshi: international and country-specific never meant to belong together (10:07:31 PM) Azhax: wariola, hi..thanks :) (10:07:33 PM) handy_: Malaysia shoud be in front anyway
(10:07:52 PM) sharuzzaman: tried that acronym generator 
(10:07:53 PM) wariola: sharuzzaman, short form IOSCOM ? 
(10:08:00 PM) kunang2 [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-xwvrlpidwvqeibne] entered the room. 
(10:08:03 PM) linuxmalaysia: do agree Malaysia should be infront 
(10:08:08 PM) sharuzzaman: and it suggest MOSAIC as first suggestion 
(10:08:29 PM) KageSenshi: sharuzzaman, yep i know .. :P 
(10:08:36 PM) wariola: mosaic takut trade mark issue 
(10:08:42 PM) KageSenshi: wariola, why? 
(10:08:43 PM) linuxmalaysia: hmm mosaic -> our first web browser
(10:08:48 PM) motionman: lol
(10:08:51 PM) maulvi: MOSSAIC ?
(10:08:53 PM) KageSenshi: 2 different thing
(10:08:58 PM) KageSenshi: MOSSAD
(10:09:03 PM) sweemeng: lol
(10:09:10 PM) linuxmalaysia: lol sensitif maaa
(10:09:12 PM) wariola: KageSenshi, LOL
(10:09:26 PM) yun: MOSIC = MSC Open Source International Conference
(10:09:27 PM) ***maulvi roll-eyes
(10:09:29 PM) motionman: MABOSC
(10:09:42 PM) F4zli: MOIS tu tak ok ke??
(10:09:47 PM) motionman: malaysia a bunch of open source conference
(10:09:53 PM) sharuzzaman: no MSC this time in the name
(10:09:54 PM) KageSenshi: trademark violation -> if it refers to similar thing .. conference and web browser are 2 different thing
(10:09:55 PM) wariola: LOL motionman
(10:09:57 PM) linuxmalaysia: MOIS mcm majlis agama lak
(10:10:02 PM) yun: Ooo..
(10:10:09 PM) KageSenshi: IANAL, but mosaic imo is safe
(10:10:19 PM) motionman: 1 more for mosaic
(10:10:23 PM) linuxmalaysia: MOSAIC look nice
(10:10:28 PM) linuxmalaysia: 1 vote from me
(10:10:31 PM) virus_abnormal: MY-OSC
(10:10:38 PM) wariola: no googlebot here?
(10:10:42 PM) yun: MOSIC = Malaysia Open Source International Conference
(10:10:45 PM) handy_ left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(10:10:48 PM) wariola: to search mosaic
(10:10:50 PM) sweemeng: open code malaysia
(10:11:04 PM) sharuzzaman: MOSCO - Malaysian Open Source COnference
(10:11:12 PM) linuxmalaysia: mosaic also mean tile
(10:11:15 PM) KageSenshi: for some reason having the word 'international' reminds me of ihack ..
(10:11:20 PM) wariola: mosco sounds nice
(10:11:22 PM) yun: mcm moscow lak
(10:11:29 PM) sweemeng: nyet comrade
(10:11:30 PM) virus_abnormal: OSIC.MY
(10:11:43 PM) virus_abnormal: kage, +1
(10:11:43 PM) linuxmalaysia: hmm ok gak OSIC.my
(10:11:45 PM) e1 [[email protected]] entered the room.
(10:11:45 PM) handy_ [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-ozzqgmyrtjkooyim] entered the room.
(10:11:46 PM) wariola: guys check this out
(10:11:47 PM) wariola: http://mosaic.org/
(10:11:48 PM) virus_abnormal: ihack XD
(10:11:51 PM) wariola: thats for mosaic
(10:11:51 PM) e1: salam..
(10:11:58 PM) virus_abnormal: ws
(10:11:58 PM) wariola: wsalam e1
(10:11:59 PM) KageSenshi: virus_abnormal, yep .. international, but its a local thing ..
(10:12:04 PM) Azhax: w'salam
(10:12:14 PM) kunang2: dont user international i think
(10:12:14 PM) virus_abnormal: heh.. no comment there.. =p
(10:12:17 PM) kunang2: *use
(10:12:20 PM) wariola: iMOSAIC ?
(10:12:25 PM) handy_: can we use "Summit"?
(10:12:27 PM) e1: macam mana nak guna ni.. saya budak baru belajar.. so melihat ajer dulu.. :-D
(10:12:29 PM) wariola: or iMOSCO
(10:12:36 PM) sniffit: -1 to i*
(10:12:41 PM) motionman: lol summit sounds huge
(10:12:46 PM) maulvi: debat nama.. ;-)
(10:12:47 PM) KageSenshi: -1 to i*
(10:12:48 PM) virus_abnormal: MY.OSS
(10:12:49 PM) virus_abnormal: lol
(10:12:50 PM) wariola: summit is nice
(10:12:51 PM) linuxmalaysia: yes agreed summit besar
(10:12:52 PM) KageSenshi: ahahahahahahha
(10:12:55 PM) motionman: -1 to i*
(10:13:02 PM) handy_: ic
(10:13:05 PM) wariola: virus_abnormal, thats too similar to myoss mailing list
(10:13:06 PM) sniffit: smells too much like friggin' macinshit conference
(10:13:11 PM) maulvi: I agree on summit too
(10:13:11 PM) linuxmalaysia: Malaysia Open Source Summit 2010
(10:13:11 PM) motionman: lol
(10:13:21 PM) motionman: MOSS 2010 lol
(10:13:26 PM) sharuzzaman: find acronym for summit
(10:13:26 PM) wariola: MOSS 2010
(10:13:31 PM) sharuzzaman: eh..
(10:13:32 PM) F4zli: MOSS2010 .. anyone??
(10:13:33 PM) sharuzzaman: bukan
(10:13:38 PM) sniffit: trademark violation : Kate Moss
(10:13:41 PM) sharuzzaman: thesaurus for summit
(10:13:43 PM) wariola: run it into the generator
(10:13:45 PM) KageSenshi: sniffit, duh
(10:13:58 PM) sniffit: KageSenshi, double duh
(10:13:59 PM) virus_abnormal: s = summit/symposium , c = conference/colloqium/ , g = group , m = movement
(10:14:00 PM) wariola: guys
(10:14:07 PM) wariola: moss = ms office sharepoint server
(10:14:12 PM) wariola: MS would love us more
(10:14:15 PM) motionman: eww
(10:14:16 PM) virus_abnormal: f4zli, MOSS stand for?
(10:14:21 PM) KageSenshi: confab convention meeting seance
(10:14:24 PM) virus_abnormal: ouh.. summit..
(10:14:30 PM) F4zli: adoi .. point to ms pulak ... dem!!!
(10:14:30 PM) sniffit: we are arguing about what is the color of the bike shed should be rather that how to make it
(10:14:34 PM) KageSenshi: some of the output from aiksaurus on 'summit'
(10:14:36 PM) sniffit: leave name to last?
(10:14:51 PM) sharuzzaman: I think we can leave name to last
(10:14:54 PM) wariola: Mosses are small, soft plants that are typically 1–10 cm (0.4-4 in) tall, though some species are much larger. They commonly grow close together in clumps or mats in damp or shady locations.
(10:14:56 PM) wariola: thats moss
(10:14:57 PM) motionman: yup
(10:14:57 PM) maulvi: yes, let's leave name to last..
(10:14:59 PM) kunang2: tak setel lagi ke pasal nama
(10:15:01 PM) wariola: name to last?
(10:15:03 PM) motionman: lol i like mosses
(10:15:03 PM) wariola: any vote?
(10:15:03 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok roger can
(10:15:05 PM) sharuzzaman: maybe can have generator to generate
(10:15:08 PM) F4zli: MOSD2101 - Malaysia Open Source Day 2010 .. Any??
(10:15:19 PM) KageSenshi: F4zli, 3 days is not day
(10:15:19 PM) linuxmalaysia: next agenda
(10:15:22 PM) linuxmalaysia: ?
(10:15:31 PM) KageSenshi: +1 linuxmalaysia
(10:15:34 PM) sniffit: 500K budget to a single day event? that will fly
(10:15:39 PM) sniffit: +1 linuxmalaysia
(10:15:48 PM) motionman: MOSDs2010 Malaysia Open Source Days 2010 lol
(10:15:48 PM) wariola: next
(10:15:51 PM) handy_: MOSCONF 2010 - Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010. ?
(10:16:04 PM) wariola: more vote for name to last?
(10:16:05 PM) virus_abnormal: had, bukan ke x boleh "CON"
(10:16:09 PM) motionman: name to last
(10:16:17 PM) KageSenshi: motionman, add an A and we got enought letters to make MOSSAD
(10:16:18 PM) sharuzzaman: next...
(10:16:20 PM) virus_abnormal: +1 name to last
(10:16:22 PM) yun: next
(10:16:26 PM) kunang2: tak setel lagi pasal nama
(10:16:28 PM) kunang2: blurrr
(10:16:30 PM) motionman: that's emo lol
(10:16:34 PM) KageSenshi: kunang2, it'll never end :P
(10:16:37 PM) yun: +1 name to last
(10:16:45 PM) handy_: mossad - Israel assasin agency?
(10:16:45 PM) ***maulvi dok gelak..
(10:16:54 PM) umarzuki: +1 name to last
(10:16:55 PM) kunang2: ntah ape2
(10:16:55 PM) wariola: ok next agenda
(10:17:00 PM) F4zli: erk mossad pulak doh!!
(10:17:01 PM) wariola: sponsorship package
(10:17:32 PM) sharuzzaman: color coded
(10:17:33 PM) blackblurry [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-jyytuylvpvcdehdu] entered the room.
(10:17:35 PM) motionman: who we have here?
(10:17:40 PM) motionman: as in sponsors
(10:17:42 PM) blackblurry: Salam
(10:17:44 PM) F4zli: Platinum, Gold, Silver and bronze .. we need to set what kind of sponsor!!
(10:17:45 PM) wariola: akhirnya black sampai
(10:17:46 PM) ejat [[email protected]/member/fenris-] entered the room.
(10:17:50 PM) blackblurry: sorry i'm late
(10:17:51 PM) sharuzzaman: gold, silver, bronze,
(10:17:52 PM) bigbird [[email protected]] entered the room.
(10:17:56 PM) motionman: salam
(10:18:00 PM) e1: wsalam
(10:18:05 PM) sharuzzaman: w'salam
(10:18:09 PM) Azhax: w'salam
(10:18:10 PM) sweemeng: just in case of big cash
(10:18:11 PM) wariola: blackblurry, we are on the sponsorship package
(10:18:14 PM) yun: wsalam
(10:18:15 PM) sweemeng: platinum
(10:18:19 PM) sweemeng: then ms will join
(10:18:19 PM) F4zli: yaya cant accepted until open the table blackblurry .. :)
(10:18:21 PM) wariola: salam ejat bigbird, welkam
(10:18:23 PM) motionman: can we use some less conventional colours?
(10:18:31 PM) kunang2: ms for opensource?
(10:18:32 PM) wariola: so black u can take over
(10:18:33 PM) motionman: lol sweemeng
(10:18:38 PM) wariola: on the sponsorship
(10:18:43 PM) ejat: tq
(10:18:49 PM) sweemeng: red white blue and yellow, the color of jalur gemilang
(10:18:56 PM) kunang2: later ms will buy all
(10:18:57 PM) motionman: cool +1 lol
(10:18:59 PM) linuxmalaysia: kunang2 ms is doing open source
(10:19:11 PM) kunang2: i know that
(10:19:15 PM) blackblurry: ok guys
(10:19:19 PM) motionman: open source as in eee
(10:19:19 PM) F4zli: owh color code eh ... 4 color .. any suggestion color ..
(10:19:24 PM) yun: +1 sweemeng
(10:19:26 PM) blackblurry: are we on the sponsorship?
(10:19:30 PM) yun: color jalur gemilang
(10:19:30 PM) sweemeng: but you need the local ms softie to understand that
(10:19:31 PM) blackblurry: or something else?
(10:19:32 PM) motionman: yea[
(10:19:36 PM) motionman: yeap*
(10:19:39 PM) sweemeng: how much you guys plan to charge
(10:19:41 PM) linuxmalaysia: yeap
(10:19:50 PM) KageSenshi: pink and yellow
(10:19:54 PM) motionman: as much as possible for those proprietary suckers
(10:19:57 PM) KageSenshi: no .. pink all the way~
(10:20:03 PM) linuxmalaysia: black can we more detail on sponsor package
(10:20:10 PM) sweemeng: 1) color based on amounts
(10:20:19 PM) motionman: light pink, pink, dark pink
(10:20:21 PM) sweemeng: 2) charge a single amount like it or not
(10:20:30 PM) sharuzzaman: normal color did not show level of sponsorship
(10:20:56 PM) sweemeng: even with that, what do we offer them
(10:20:58 PM) wariola: its colour and booth
(10:21:02 PM) wariola: if not mistaken
(10:21:03 PM) motionman: booth
(10:21:08 PM) sweemeng: booth, and?
(10:21:11 PM) sweemeng: banners?
(10:21:11 PM) blackblurry: guys..are we talking about color sponsor?
(10:21:12 PM) wariola: also position of the booth
(10:21:14 PM) sweemeng: key notes
(10:21:21 PM) wariola: more money, nearer to conference hall
(10:21:24 PM) motionman: yup, more strategic higher price
(10:21:37 PM) sweemeng: so when charge certain amount, they will get a keynotes
(10:21:38 PM) kunang2: guys
(10:21:39 PM) F4zli: your think put color code are more corporate or more like small events...
(10:21:42 PM) sharuzzaman: might as well use chess-related name
(10:21:51 PM) kunang2: can i know where is the place?
(10:21:52 PM) motionman: nice one sharuzz
(10:21:53 PM) sharuzzaman: king, queen, knight, rook, pawn
(10:21:59 PM) wariola: i think we can leave color alone for now
(10:22:02 PM) KageSenshi: king queen .. joker ..
(10:22:06 PM) virus_abnormal: F4zli: i agree.. i think better stick to typicality in terms of this..
(10:22:11 PM) wariola: its how we want to pacakge it
(10:22:11 PM) virus_abnormal: corporate gold.. et cetera
(10:22:13 PM) KageSenshi: wait .. thats poker
(10:22:18 PM) blackblurry: ok guys
(10:22:22 PM) sweemeng: do we split sponsorship and rent booth
(10:22:24 PM) maulvi: no bisops please.. sensitive ;-)
(10:22:25 PM) sweemeng: or we combine
(10:22:26 PM) wariola: normally its platinum, gold, silver and bronze
(10:22:27 PM) motionman: not joker, jester
(10:22:28 PM) maulvi: *bishops
(10:22:32 PM) wariola: guys, come one
(10:22:32 PM) sweemeng: sponsor automatically get one
(10:22:41 PM) #osdc.my: mode (+o linuxmalaysia) by ChanServ
(10:22:42 PM) wariola: guys, come on
(10:22:42 PM) blackblurry: we have platinum, titanium, gold, silver and bronze sponsors
(10:22:50 PM) sharuzzaman: yup, sponsor got booth automatically
(10:22:53 PM) sweemeng: so booth from vendor can rent it for a lower cost
(10:23:08 PM) blackblurry: platinum would be the biggest sponsor around 25k
(10:23:23 PM) linuxmalaysia: hmm ok
(10:23:25 PM) motionman: certain level of sponsor will be appear on whatever
(10:23:26 PM) sweemeng: but for key note, need to ccharge more la
(10:23:27 PM) blackblurry: they will get a keynote and booth
(10:23:37 PM) wariola: blackblurry, thats the way we do it last year i guess
(10:23:44 PM) blackblurry: yeah
(10:23:46 PM) sweemeng: remember they need to get something back
(10:23:46 PM) motionman: and certain level of sponsorship will be given a booth
(10:23:50 PM) virus_abnormal: black, last years..? howd they set it? no info?
(10:23:52 PM) sweemeng: welcome to capitalism
(10:23:58 PM) F4zli: so stick to Platinum - 25k .... if titanium rm?? , gold .. rm?? ... silver rm?? bronze rm??
(10:24:02 PM) wariola: platinum = 30k, titanum = 20k, gold = 15k
(10:24:02 PM) blackblurry: we're sticking to it but charging a bit higher
(10:24:07 PM) blackblurry: titanium 15k
(10:24:13 PM) blackblurry: gold rm8k
(10:24:18 PM) sweemeng: if we can get that much at all
(10:24:20 PM) blackblurry: silver 5k
(10:24:24 PM) sweemeng: btw
(10:24:25 PM) blackblurry: bronze 3k
(10:24:26 PM) blackblurry: for now
(10:24:27 PM) jose: platinum 50k, gold 30k, silver 20k, bronze 10k?
(10:24:27 PM) motionman: hmm i think that should be depends on our budget planning?
(10:24:30 PM) sweemeng: before we go to sponsorship
(10:24:33 PM) sweemeng: how much do we need
(10:24:35 PM) blackblurry: haha
(10:24:36 PM) sweemeng: from renting place
(10:24:44 PM) sweemeng: to paying for many stuff
(10:24:47 PM) motionman: and the location so we can check the available booth spaces?
(10:24:51 PM) wariola: we need a good negotiator for the sponsors
(10:24:54 PM) motionman: yup
(10:24:58 PM) wariola: cos they will milk us everything
(10:24:59 PM) sweemeng: and we get enough place for booth?
(10:25:09 PM) motionman: i think we should make the sum out first
(10:25:16 PM) wariola: some like ajohan shld be doing the negotiation
(10:25:16 PM) motionman: then shall decide how to charge
(10:25:18 PM) sharuzzaman: agreed
(10:25:22 PM) ajohan: hah?
(10:25:28 PM) blackblurry: guys
(10:25:33 PM) ajohan: i agree w motionman
(10:25:42 PM) ajohan: berapa kita need to run the conf?
(10:25:49 PM) sweemeng: ajohan, it depends
(10:25:58 PM) blackblurry: a lot aj
(10:26:00 PM) wariola: last year was around 500k if not mistaken
(10:26:07 PM) linuxmalaysia: around 500K if we maintain Berjaya Time Square and last year format
(10:26:13 PM) blackblurry: for place it takes at leeast 300k
(10:26:13 PM) sweemeng: some manage to do it, with a lot less
(10:26:18 PM) F4zli: 500k will enough??
(10:26:19 PM) sweemeng: so we can ask for uni?
(10:26:22 PM) ajohan: 300k for rental
(10:26:24 PM) wariola: that one i think minus the sponsors
(10:26:30 PM) blackblurry: ask uni for what sweemeng?
(10:26:38 PM) sweemeng: borrow place
(10:26:42 PM) blackblurry: no
(10:26:44 PM) blackblurry: we cant
(10:26:46 PM) motionman: uni is not that strategic
(10:26:47 PM) linuxmalaysia: Guy gal lets the budget big and we try to maintain like last year
(10:26:55 PM) piju [[email protected]] entered the room.
(10:27:05 PM) linuxmalaysia: a lot we can learn
(10:27:11 PM) sweemeng: let see potential sponsor
(10:27:22 PM) motionman: MS lol
(10:27:23 PM) sweemeng: novell, redhat, oracle,
(10:27:24 PM) ajohan: so u guys want to maintain berjaya?
(10:27:25 PM) sweemeng: ms
(10:27:26 PM) blackblurry: we have a line up of sponsors right now
(10:27:33 PM) blackblurry: no
(10:27:34 PM) F4zli: ok stick to 500k ... any suggestion .. ??
(10:27:41 PM) blackblurry: we are going to do at PWTC
(10:27:42 PM) wariola: maybe not berjaya
(10:27:49 PM) sharuzzaman: make it 600k, at least
(10:27:51 PM) virus_abnormal: +1 PWTC
(10:27:54 PM) piju is now known as watdaeff
(10:27:55 PM) linuxmalaysia: PWTC need to book soon
(10:27:57 PM) sharuzzaman: people expect the event to be bigger
(10:27:59 PM) sniffit: +1 PWTC
(10:28:03 PM) motionman: yup
(10:28:04 PM) linuxmalaysia: so money needed early
(10:28:06 PM) wariola: for me osconf is big, loud n commercial
(10:28:07 PM) blackblurry: i already talk with the peole in charge there
(10:28:13 PM) F4zli: +2 PWTC
(10:28:13 PM) wariola: that I think fits our branding
(10:28:25 PM) motionman: how many people we plan to fit in?
(10:28:26 PM) wariola: +10 PWTC
(10:28:38 PM) virus_abnormal: 350 - 500?
(10:28:46 PM) blackblurry: for now ou target is at least 500 ppl
(10:28:49 PM) motionman: how many was last year?
(10:28:56 PM) maulvi: A place with Halls and Theaterette?
(10:28:57 PM) sweemeng: lot more
(10:29:06 PM) blackblurry: last year more or least is 500
(10:29:07 PM) F4zli: 500 at least..
(10:29:22 PM) motionman: should we expand it?
(10:29:44 PM) linuxmalaysia: last year pun mcm penat
(10:29:45 PM) blackblurry: expand what?
(10:29:45 PM) linuxmalaysia: hehe
(10:29:50 PM) blackblurry: the crowd?
(10:29:53 PM) hanz [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-uuwqugsqfzysvzxr] entered the room.
(10:30:04 PM) virus_abnormal: num of expected shud be = 9how.mane.can.fit.in.one.room.per.slot x 3.track
(10:30:12 PM) F4zli: larat ke... nak expand lagi .... last nyer ada semput skit ..
(10:30:13 PM) wariola: also suggest this year to call more community
(10:30:13 PM) motionman: yup
(10:30:20 PM) sharuzzaman: erm... the crowd should be +- the same
(10:30:25 PM) maulvi: Can I suggest Kuala Lumpur City Library @ Jalan Raja (Near Dataran Merdeka)
(10:30:26 PM) maulvi: http://klcitylib.dbkl.gov.my/dbklWeb/bm/perkhidmatan/default.jsp?mAction=new&where=perkhidmatan
(10:30:27 PM) virus_abnormal: how many can fit in a room in owtc?
(10:30:28 PM) wariola: more than Linux .. eg the CMS guys, python etc
(10:30:28 PM) blackblurry: for now let us set on 500
(10:30:29 PM) ajohan: we are planning to spend 1k/head
(10:30:34 PM) ajohan: dont u guys think thats a bit too much?
(10:30:37 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok lets assume the crowd will pe the same
(10:30:46 PM) handy_: agreed. stick to 500.
(10:30:49 PM) motionman: aye
(10:31:01 PM) linuxmalaysia: 1K to much. That why we need sponsor
(10:31:10 PM) motionman: potential sponsor?
(10:31:23 PM) blackblurry: why are putting rm500 k as a base line for the bidget
(10:31:24 PM) F4zli: 500k stick it ... we do know yet if we can get 500 or more less
(10:31:32 PM) virus_abnormal: say 1 rum is 100-120 so 3 tracks, so at one time is 360 ,and sponsor + vlntr + comittee is 100 so total 450
(10:31:39 PM) blackblurry: it may go lower than that after we get the exact amount
(10:32:02 PM) executablezz [[email protected]] entered the room.
(10:32:05 PM) blackblurry: 500 ppl is only for the crowd
(10:32:14 PM) blackblurry: npt included comitte
(10:32:34 PM) virus_abnormal: o.. ic..
(10:32:36 PM) motionman: i think draft now and exact plan later?
(10:32:37 PM) linuxmalaysia: potential sponsor Novell Redhat MDeC MAMPU (I hope) Microsoft and more
(10:32:38 PM) blackblurry: dun get mix up with the comittee
(10:32:41 PM) virus_abnormal: thats.. alot.. i think.. haha
(10:32:49 PM) motionman: so we can do it quick and effective
(10:33:12 PM) wariola: linuxmalaysia, dont forget oracle
(10:33:13 PM) sniffit: -1 on MSFT
(10:33:17 PM) doubt [[email protected]] entered the room.
(10:33:24 PM) wariola: +2 MSFT :)
(10:33:25 PM) blackblurry: basically the lineup for sponsors is Redhat, Novell, MS, MDeC
(10:33:30 PM) F4zli: can start do paperwork no on ..
(10:33:32 PM) linuxmalaysia: ya oracle solaris
(10:33:35 PM) wariola: as long as no more LAMP2WIN
(10:33:41 PM) yun: linuxmalaysia, dont forget TPM
(10:33:43 PM) sweemeng: wariola, +1
(10:33:45 PM) KageSenshi: only MSFT if they follow our rule
(10:33:46 PM) sniffit: +1 wariola
(10:33:47 PM) linuxmalaysia: ya TPM
(10:33:50 PM) KageSenshi: else no
(10:33:54 PM) sweemeng: oracle
(10:33:55 PM) motionman: yup lol
(10:34:02 PM) sniffit: LAMP2WIN = WIMP
(10:34:03 PM) linuxmalaysia: lamp2win format boleh follow. What aje we change
(10:34:07 PM) blackblurry: Then comes P1 wimax, Amax, and TM
(10:34:13 PM) wariola: oracle .. hmm as long as no LAMP2ORACLE too
(10:34:16 PM) sweemeng: oracle had a booth on mygosscon
(10:34:23 PM) sweemeng: with their unbreakable linux
(10:34:29 PM) KageSenshi: oracle ~= sun
(10:34:31 PM) blackblurry: haha
(10:34:33 PM) wariola: i had a contact with their Linux team AU
(10:34:34 PM) kunang2: last year tm sponsor but not have internet access right?
(10:34:34 PM) blackblurry: anyway
(10:34:37 PM) blackblurry: back on track please
(10:34:48 PM) executablez left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
(10:34:48 PM) wariola: he's interested to be in this OSCONF
(10:34:49 PM) sweemeng: sapu p1 hehe
(10:34:57 PM) wariola: when we talk during last GOSSCON
(10:35:00 PM) F4zli: i think we dont scolding MS if they can give us more sponsor .. we make friend with them ... is this idea better or worst ..
(10:35:12 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok agreed
(10:35:15 PM) blackblurry: guys
(10:35:20 PM) motionman: drain their blood money
(10:35:47 PM) wariola: ok so we agreed on the sponsorship?
(10:35:51 PM) motionman: consider infrastructure/service sponsorship besides monetary?
(10:35:59 PM) blackblurry: yes
(10:36:02 PM) wariola: blackblurry, i think yr package is quite high tho
(10:36:04 PM) blackblurry: we do
(10:36:09 PM) linuxmalaysia: last year MIMOS sponsor PC
(10:36:21 PM) linuxmalaysia: TM sponsor line (oppsss)
(10:36:23 PM) wariola: motionman, P1 can sponsor Internet for whole conference
(10:36:23 PM) blackblurry: high?
(10:36:27 PM) blackblurry: really?
(10:36:37 PM) wariola: we can make platinum high
(10:36:40 PM) blackblurry: i already tone it down
(10:36:42 PM) motionman: yup, that can cut our cost and add more convenience to us
(10:36:44 PM) wariola: but maybe not others
(10:36:52 PM) kunang2: P1 sure want promotion
(10:37:01 PM) blackblurry: ok
(10:37:04 PM) handy_: p1 better than tm.
(10:37:05 PM) motionman: yup, better if tm and p1 sponsor same time
(10:37:06 PM) wariola: they want it badly last year
(10:37:11 PM) sweemeng: the catch is wiggly
(10:37:12 PM) blackblurry: we will decide wether p1 or tm later
(10:37:19 PM) linuxmalaysia: Sponsorship-in-kind
(10:37:20 PM) motionman: yup what next?
(10:37:25 PM) blackblurry: ok
(10:37:28 PM) wariola: ok b4 that
(10:37:29 PM) KageSenshi: if u play with P1's wiggy .. i think they'll like it
(10:37:36 PM) ***KageSenshi hides
(10:37:38 PM) wariola: lets wrap the sponsorship shall we?
(10:37:43 PM) motionman: lol
(10:37:43 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok
(10:37:54 PM) wariola: platinum - 50k ?
(10:38:01 PM) linuxmalaysia: paperwork who need to do? and who going to meet sponsor to present
(10:38:08 PM) kunang2: warix can sponsor
(10:38:13 PM) wariola: yeah
(10:38:16 PM) wariola: booth babe
(10:38:17 PM) wariola: ok?
(10:38:20 PM) kunang2: 2 cent
(10:38:25 PM) motionman: lol better
(10:38:46 PM) edthix [[email protected]] entered the room.
(10:38:47 PM) wariola: get it from APIIT :P LOL
(10:38:58 PM) sweemeng: lol?
(10:39:03 PM) wariola: so sponsorship
(10:39:08 PM) wariola: platinum 50k
(10:39:12 PM) wariola: titanium 30k
(10:39:14 PM) maulvi: Call fosschix.my for booth babes
(10:39:15 PM) wariola: gold 20k
(10:39:17 PM) blackblurry: war
(10:39:21 PM) wariola: silver 10k
(10:39:24 PM) wariola: camtu blackblurry ?
(10:39:25 PM) blackblurry: thats its too high la
(10:39:37 PM) wariola: i thought that was what u put tadi
(10:39:37 PM) blackblurry: nnt sponsor wuery
(10:39:41 PM) blackblurry: query
(10:39:48 PM) kunang2: hahaha
(10:39:51 PM) wariola: better u list it then
(10:39:51 PM) edthix left the room.
(10:39:58 PM) linuxmalaysia: rilek
(10:40:03 PM) kunang2: takde sape nak sponsor 50k
(10:40:04 PM) wariola: ehhe
(10:40:12 PM) kunang2: warix bleh kot
(10:40:15 PM) wariola: i thought i saw 50k tadi
(10:40:15 PM) kunang2: platinum
(10:40:18 PM) wariola: warix boleh
(10:40:20 PM) wariola: 50k rupiah
(10:40:23 PM) linuxmalaysia: sponsor in kind
(10:40:24 PM) linuxmalaysia: hehe
(10:40:25 PM) e1: kenapa rendah sangat platinum tu
(10:40:27 PM) blackblurry: platinum 25k
(10:40:30 PM) ***sniffit kicks wariola
(10:40:33 PM) e1: murah sangat platinum maa
(10:40:36 PM) ***wariola mengelak
(10:40:38 PM) blackblurry: sbb last year platinum 20k sahaja
(10:40:44 PM) e1: platinum = 100k lah
(10:40:45 PM) F4zli: 30K?? for platinum
(10:40:46 PM) wariola: plat last year 30k blackblurry
(10:40:49 PM) e1: baru orang pandang
(10:40:53 PM) wariola: I can swear to that
(10:41:02 PM) wariola: besides I expect more competition this year
(10:41:04 PM) blackblurry: ok la
(10:41:10 PM) blackblurry: so decide la
(10:41:10 PM) wariola: novell bukan platinum last year
(10:41:14 PM) wariola: RH and MS platinum
(10:41:15 PM) blackblurry: 200k platinum
(10:41:15 PM) sharuzzaman: too high people will not want to sponsor
(10:41:17 PM) blackblurry: senang
(10:41:23 PM) wariola: Novell platinum masa gosscon
(10:41:24 PM) sweemeng: point
(10:41:24 PM) e1: tahun ni novell mahu platinum
(10:41:27 PM) sharuzzaman: they will ask, what will they get in return
(10:41:28 PM) sweemeng: remember, what they get
(10:41:40 PM) blackblurry: we give them half the conf la
(10:41:42 PM) blackblurry: haha
(10:41:47 PM) ejat: last year:
(10:41:50 PM) ejat: PLATINUM PARTNER
(10:41:51 PM) ejat: Platinum partner participate as a key host and support the MSC Malaysia Open Source
(10:41:51 PM) ejat: conference.
(10:41:51 PM) ejat: Week 2009 in the effort surrounding development and delivery of the conference.
(10:41:51 PM) ejat: Further, the partner gains high visibility at the exhibition as well. Following are part of
(10:41:52 PM) ejat: the sponsorship.
(10:41:53 PM) e1: masalah nya last year punyer budget pun almost 800k what
(10:41:54 PM) sweemeng: give them sales talk people will leave
(10:41:54 PM) ejat: (2) booth spaces
(10:41:55 PM) blackblurry: thats why we put it not too high
(10:41:56 PM) ejat: Guaranteed one general session keynote speaker
(10:41:59 PM) ejat: Priority placement in Exhibit Hall
(10:41:59 PM) blackblurry: so we can control
(10:42:00 PM) e1: mana mungkin tahun ni kurang..
(10:42:01 PM) ejat: Full page, four color ad in conference program (sponsor provides art work)
(10:42:03 PM) ejat: Opportunity to hang company banner in General Session room & Exhibit Hall
(10:42:03 PM) F4zli: target Novell, Redhat, MS and Oracle ... platinum .. :D
(10:42:05 PM) ejat: (sponsor provides banner)
(10:42:07 PM) ejat: Six VIP conference passes (access full conference)
(10:42:10 PM) ejat: Logo on marketing collateral
(10:42:12 PM) ejat: Logo & web link on conference website
(10:42:14 PM) ejat: Recognition with company logo on conference signage
(10:42:16 PM) ejat: Recognition in conference program (and logo with company description)
(10:42:18 PM) ejat: Two conference bag inserts (sponsor provides inserts)
(10:42:20 PM) ejat: Investment:
(10:42:23 PM) ejat: 30,
(10:42:24 PM) blackblurry: thanx ejat
(10:42:25 PM) motionman: no sales talk
(10:42:25 PM) ejat: Investment: RM 30,000
(10:42:27 PM) ejat: TITANIUM PARTNER
(10:42:29 PM) ejat: Titanium partner participate as a key host and support the MSC Malaysia Open
(10:42:31 PM) motionman: will ruin the image
(10:42:32 PM) ejat: Source Week 2009 in the effort surrounding development and delivery of the
(10:42:32 PM) blackblurry: that what on last year package
(10:42:32 PM) doubt left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(10:42:34 PM) ejat: conference. Further, the partner gains high visibility at the exhibition as well.
(10:42:36 PM) ejat: Following are part of the sponsorship.
(10:42:38 PM) ejat: • (2) booth spaces
(10:42:40 PM) ejat: • Guaranteed one speaking presentation in regular track
(10:42:43 PM) ejat: • Priority placement in Exhibit Hall
(10:42:43 PM) sniffit: ouch ouch
(10:42:45 PM) ejat: • Full page, four color ad in conference program (sponsor provides art work)
(10:42:46 PM) virus_abnormal: guys, maaf, i need to go.. work call.. hope someone can have this logged.. thanx. Apology.
(10:42:47 PM) ejat: • Opportunity to hang company banner in General Session room & Exhibit Hall
(10:42:47 PM) sniffit: MUTE!
(10:42:49 PM) virus_abnormal: -away-
(10:42:49 PM) ejat: (sponsor provides banner)
(10:42:51 PM) ejat: • Six VIP conference passes (access full conference)
(10:42:54 PM) ejat: • Logo on marketing collateral
(10:42:56 PM) ejat: • Logo & web link on conference website
(10:42:58 PM) ejat: • Recognition with company logo on conference signage
(10:42:59 PM) kunang2: natang ape yang banyak sgt nie
(10:43:00 PM) ejat: • Recognition in conference program (and logo with company description)
(10:43:02 PM) ejat: • Two conference bag inserts (sponsor provides inserts)
(10:43:04 PM) ejat: Investment: RM 20,000
(10:43:07 PM) ejat: GOLD PARTNER
(10:43:09 PM) ejat: Gold partner participate as a key host and support the MSC Malaysia Open Source
(10:43:10 PM) ajohan: bnyk sgt paste ni
(10:43:11 PM) ejat: conference.
(10:43:13 PM) ejat: Week 2009 in the effort surrounding development and delivery of the conference.
(10:43:15 PM) ejat: well.
(10:43:18 PM) ejat: Further, the partner gains high visibility at the exhibition as well. Following are part of
(10:43:18 PM) virus_abnormal left the room (quit: ).
(10:43:20 PM) ejat: sponsorship.
(10:43:22 PM) ajohan left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(10:43:22 PM) ejat: the sponsorship.
(10:43:23 PM) blackblurry left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(10:43:23 PM) sniffit left the room ("Leaving").
(10:43:25 PM) ejat: • (1) booth space
(10:43:26 PM) ejat: • Premiere placement in Exhibit Hall
(10:43:29 PM) ejat: • Full page, four color ad in conference program (sponsor provides art work)
(10:43:31 PM) ejat: • Opportunity to hang company banner in Exhibit Hall (sponsor provides banner)
(10:43:33 PM) ejat: • Four VIP conference passes (access to full conference)
(10:43:35 PM) ejat: • Logo on marketing collateral
(10:43:38 PM) ejat: • Logo & web link on conference website
(10:43:39 PM) linuxmalaysia: jap senarai sponsor
(10:43:40 PM) ejat: • Recognition with company logo on conference signage
(10:43:42 PM) ejat: • Recognition in conference program (and logo with company description)
(10:43:44 PM) ejat: • Two conference bag inserts (sponsor provides inserts)
(10:43:46 PM) ejat: Investment:
(10:43:49 PM) ejat: 15,
(10:43:51 PM) motionman: one suggestion, google doc?
(10:43:51 PM) ejat: Investment: RM 15,000
(10:43:53 PM) ejat: SILVER PARTNER
(10:43:53 PM) kunang2: bagi je la link
(10:43:56 PM) ejat: Silver partner participate as a key host and support the MSC Malaysia Open Source Week
(10:43:57 PM) ejat: 2009 in the effort surrounding development and delivery of the conference. Further, the
(10:43:58 PM) kunang2: ape la
(10:43:59 PM) ejat: partner gains high visibility at the exhibition as well. Following are part of the
(10:44:02 PM) ejat: sponsorship.
(10:44:04 PM) kunang2: oioioi
(10:44:04 PM) ejat: • (1) booth space
(10:44:06 PM) ejat: • Prime placement in Exhibit Hall
(10:44:07 PM) kunang2: bagi je link
(10:44:08 PM) ejat: • Quarter page, four color ad in conference program
(10:44:10 PM) ejat: • Two VIP conference passes (access to full conference)
(10:44:11 PM) F4zli: ejat hang paste terlalu banyak ... banyak yang kene flood .. huhuhu...
(10:44:13 PM) ejat: • Logo & web link on conference website
(10:44:15 PM) ejat: • Recognition with company logo on conference signage
(10:44:17 PM) ejat: • Recognition in conference program (and logo with company description)
(10:44:19 PM) ejat: • One conference bag insert (sponsor provides insert)
(10:44:22 PM) ejat: Investment: RM 10,000
(10:44:27 PM) doubt [[email protected]] entered the room.
(10:44:30 PM) kunang2: bagi je link
(10:44:31 PM) linuxmalaysia: kena tunggu buffer habis ni
(10:44:33 PM) kunang2: kan senang
(10:44:37 PM) jose:
(10:44:41 PM) jose: last year's
(10:44:42 PM) kunang2: payah betul lal
(10:44:54 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok buffer dah clear
(10:44:57 PM) ***ejat mmg saje
(10:45:01 PM) ejat: :)
(10:45:04 PM) linuxmalaysia: saja ya
(10:45:11 PM) kunang2: kik
(10:45:11 PM) sharuzzaman: kick ban ejat :D
(10:45:12 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok sambung
(10:45:13 PM) motionman: lol
(10:45:19 PM) ejat: cat sponsorship.txt | pastebinit
(10:45:29 PM) ejat: sharuzzaman: di persilakan :P
(10:45:31 PM) linuxmalaysia: tak leh nak kick ejat dia mod besar osdc channel hehehe
(10:45:42 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok kita sambung
(10:45:55 PM) sweemeng: remember mdec is there last year
(10:46:05 PM) sweemeng: which == entrepreneur exposure
(10:46:10 PM) sweemeng: almost,
(10:46:12 PM) F4zli: kekeke awan dah clear leh sambung
(10:46:34 PM) sweemeng: and it got big promotion
(10:46:40 PM) sweemeng: do we have it/afford it
(10:47:19 PM) ajohan [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-rcnwiyvyoeibtvey] entered the room.
(10:47:37 PM) F4zli: we need to kasi bla tonjol to them .. them we can tonjol them also ... our effort .. :D
(10:47:41 PM) sweemeng: short answer
(10:47:44 PM) sweemeng: we need to show
(10:47:45 PM) sniffit [[email protected]/sniffit] entered the room.
(10:47:58 PM) sweemeng: to prove that, we can give them the exposure
(10:48:06 PM) sweemeng: if it is just us, then will they sponsor
(10:48:09 PM) motionman: yup
(10:48:10 PM) linuxmalaysia: MDeC will be around. They need us to be more organise to convince the others
(10:48:29 PM) ***ejat brb ... reconnect ..
(10:48:50 PM) sweemeng: what we can provide
(10:48:56 PM) sweemeng: geeks,
(10:49:00 PM) sweemeng: tech know how
(10:49:05 PM) sweemeng: what sponsor wants
(10:49:07 PM) wariola: so then we can have last year as template
(10:49:11 PM) sweemeng: business or a means of it
(10:49:20 PM) kunang2: i like the exclusiveness last year event
(10:49:24 PM) motionman: a full detail planning report i suppose?
(10:49:25 PM) linuxmalaysia: What sponsor want 500 people will come
(10:49:33 PM) linuxmalaysia: what 500 want we need to figure out
(10:49:37 PM) blackblurry [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-ilcsnxmlmmnleegg] entered the room.
(10:49:39 PM) wariola: more exposure with the press
(10:49:44 PM) wariola: and media
(10:49:48 PM) wariola: big name speakers
(10:49:56 PM) wariola: thats what sponsor wants
(10:50:00 PM) sweemeng: big name speakers 'bose'?
(10:50:01 PM) ***F4zli one question .. we need get sponsor are we ready about our organization .. OSDC.my ??
(10:50:04 PM) sweemeng: wait, human speaker
(10:50:22 PM) linuxmalaysia: Fazli plan B minggu depan
(10:50:37 PM) e-jat [[email protected]] entered the room.
(10:50:38 PM) e-jat left the room (quit: Changing host).
(10:50:38 PM) e-jat [[email protected]/member/fenris-] entered the room.
(10:51:02 PM) wariola: ok then we are ok with regards to sponsorship
(10:51:03 PM) F4zli: okeh plan B .. hope we not use the plan B ..
(10:51:03 PM) hanz left the room.
(10:51:11 PM) kunang2: i didnt see trunasuci here
(10:51:15 PM) wariola: next is theme and topics
(10:51:22 PM) wariola: blackblurry, can u continue?
(10:51:29 PM) blackblurry: go on
(10:51:32 PM) linuxmalaysia: trunasuci has Internet issue
(10:51:34 PM) e-jat: $ cat sponsorship.txt | pastebinit
(10:51:37 PM) e-jat: http://pastebin.com/2cRRsLSw
(10:51:37 PM) linuxmalaysia: will update him later
(10:51:46 PM) linuxmalaysia: ejat jangan
(10:51:48 PM) linuxmalaysia: hehehe
(10:52:11 PM) F4zli: kunang2, he have problem with internet right now ... maybe he not see any CC on there way.. :D
(10:52:33 PM) kunang2: ok continue then
(10:52:59 PM) ejat left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
(10:52:59 PM) wariola: theme
(10:53:04 PM) kunang2: whats next
(10:53:10 PM) Maulvi_ [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-pfdwyhkpdwzylroo] entered the room.
(10:53:16 PM) wariola: what is the theme tagline we want to use?
(10:53:25 PM) sweemeng: bebas soft
(10:53:27 PM) sweemeng: .....
(10:53:30 PM) motionman: lol
(10:53:36 PM) F4zli: theme : Open to Change vs ??
(10:53:39 PM) KageSenshi: cyber merdeka!!!
(10:53:51 PM) ***KageSenshi hides
(10:53:51 PM) sweemeng: +1 KageSenshi
(10:53:55 PM) motionman: +1
(10:53:56 PM) F4zli: Free your MIND!!!.... ihiks
(10:53:57 PM) sniffit: +1
(10:54:05 PM) e1: macam GECKO
(10:54:16 PM) motionman: cyber merdeka!!!
(10:54:33 PM) wariola: Powering 21st Century Malaysia
(10:54:38 PM) maulvi left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
(10:54:56 PM) sweemeng: Innovation in the Cheap
(10:55:01 PM) ajohan: freedom is here
(10:55:01 PM) motionman: lol
(10:55:03 PM) sweemeng: Innovation on the Cheap
(10:55:08 PM) wariola: sweemeng, sponsors will run away
(10:55:11 PM) KageSenshi: no, dont use the word cheap
(10:55:13 PM) e-jat: linuxmalaysia: ape yg jgn ?
(10:55:17 PM) kunang2: innovation on the flky
(10:55:20 PM) wariola: cheap = free = no money
(10:55:21 PM) kunang2: *fly
(10:55:22 PM) sharuzzaman: accelerating malaysia towards develop country
(10:55:27 PM) motionman: lol
(10:55:29 PM) sweemeng: low barrier innovation
(10:55:35 PM) sweemeng: i know i know
(10:55:43 PM) sweemeng: 1sumber terbuka
(10:55:44 PM) motionman: shouldn't without barriers?
(10:55:45 PM) linuxmalaysia: jangan cat pipe tu lagi nanti.
(10:55:48 PM) wariola: breaking barriers to K-Economy
(10:55:59 PM) sweemeng: 1foss
(10:56:04 PM) sweemeng: in spirit of 1malaysia
(10:56:09 PM) ***sweemeng can't help it, and thus runs
(10:56:12 PM) motionman: nice
(10:56:16 PM) Maulvi_ is now known as Maulvi
(10:56:22 PM) sharuzzaman: sweemeng: hehe...
(10:56:31 PM) F4zli: Fly to Freedom ..... Free to speech .... Free to Open ...... Open the MIND .... Change the MIND .... anything ..... :D
(10:56:37 PM) wariola: name issue again
(10:56:43 PM) KageSenshi: hahahahaha
(10:56:44 PM) wariola: sampai esok x abis
(10:56:45 PM) sweemeng: Next!!!!
(10:56:53 PM) sniffit: theme leave to second last?
(10:56:56 PM) wariola: some one log it rite?
(10:57:03 PM) wariola: i think we list everything
(10:57:05 PM) wariola: then vote
(10:57:06 PM) sweemeng: what is the target group
(10:57:07 PM) wariola: ok?
(10:57:16 PM) motionman: underage kids XD
(10:57:26 PM) sharuzzaman: student, business, hacker, sysadmin, programmer
(10:57:27 PM) KageSenshi: commercial/private sector
(10:57:31 PM) KageSenshi: erm ..
(10:57:34 PM) sharuzzaman: boss, kuli
(10:57:35 PM) motionman: don
(10:57:37 PM) KageSenshi: -1 sharuzzaman :P ..
(10:57:37 PM) sweemeng: yes, that would be nice, but harder
(10:57:39 PM) KageSenshi: commercial/private sector !
(10:57:43 PM) F4zli: government, university,,,, :D
(10:57:51 PM) motionman: yup education
(10:58:01 PM) motionman: and scientific research
(10:58:02 PM) sweemeng: the idea here is to fill in gap, that is not covered by other conference
(10:58:04 PM) wariola: ok that one also just list it out
(10:58:11 PM) wariola: we discuss and vote it out
(10:58:11 PM) KageSenshi: government is mygosscon .. geeks is foss.my ..
(10:58:15 PM) wariola: anyone ok?
(10:58:19 PM) sweemeng: ok
(10:58:21 PM) motionman: aye
(10:58:27 PM) wariola: lastly volunteers / core team
(10:58:34 PM) wariola: we need u
(10:58:37 PM) motionman: * ran away
(10:58:40 PM) motionman: kidding
(10:58:41 PM) linuxmalaysia: Siut
(10:58:43 PM) wariola: anyone volunteers?
(10:58:44 PM) linuxmalaysia: larilah
(10:58:45 PM) linuxmalaysia: hehe
(10:59:01 PM) blackblurry: who seriously want my job?
(10:59:01 PM) linuxmalaysia: untuk core and support team
(10:59:02 PM) handy_: roger
(10:59:05 PM) wariola: aik.. sumer snyap?
(10:59:08 PM) motionman: i'm in
(10:59:12 PM) motionman: even for kuli job
(10:59:24 PM) motionman: don't pay me !!!
(10:59:24 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok welcome
(10:59:25 PM) sweemeng left the room ("Leaving").
(10:59:27 PM) motionman: XD
(10:59:34 PM) sweemeng [[email protected]] entered the room.
(10:59:48 PM) KageSenshi: students
(10:59:50 PM) wariola: sweemeng, whatll bout u?
(10:59:52 PM) F4zli: motionman, i quote your word.. :)
(10:59:56 PM) sharuzzaman: I'm able to work remotely
(10:59:57 PM) umarzuki: +1 motionman, i'm in
(10:59:58 PM) sweemeng: wariola, again?
(11:00:11 PM) wariola: Azhax, ?
(11:00:12 PM) ***sweemeng try to lay low this year
(11:00:15 PM) motionman: lol
(11:00:21 PM) sweemeng: still do some promo
(11:00:25 PM) sweemeng: and blogpost
(11:00:43 PM) wariola: ajohan, can u be part of it too?
(11:00:45 PM) wariola: negotiator
(11:00:46 PM) linuxmalaysia: anything will be a help
(11:00:58 PM) wariola: sweemeng, volunteers?
(11:01:05 PM) sweemeng: wariola, i try
(11:01:07 PM) ***yun volunteer
(11:01:14 PM) rajaiskandar [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-ghgnxfpidrgnjfnz] entered the room.
(11:01:16 PM) wariola: yun, nama ko mmg dah ada
(11:01:20 PM) wariola: takyah susah
(11:01:21 PM) wariola: :D
(11:01:22 PM) ajohan: wariola part of apa? core team?
(11:01:25 PM) wariola: rajaiskandar, salam boh
(11:01:30 PM) F4zli: sweemeng ; leader for volunteer... :D
(11:01:34 PM) wariola: up to you ajohan
(11:01:35 PM) sweemeng: haha
(11:01:39 PM) wariola: if u have time
(11:01:43 PM) wariola: +1 F4zli
(11:01:45 PM) ***motionman salut, comrades!!!
(11:01:46 PM) wariola: anyone agree?
(11:01:48 PM) sweemeng: F4zli, no la, current project take up my live
(11:01:59 PM) linuxmalaysia: OK ajohan in core team
(11:02:05 PM) ajohan: tengok time frame
(11:02:14 PM) wariola: umarzuki, ?
(11:02:19 PM) wariola: sonyap je eden
(11:02:20 PM) KageSenshi: wariola, u should ask : "anybody disagree?" :P
(11:02:24 PM) umarzuki: kerja rencam
(11:02:26 PM) ***yun volunteer to lead promo team to TPM & DPMM
(11:02:44 PM) linuxmalaysia: TQ Yun
(11:02:44 PM) wariola: our pleasure yun
(11:02:51 PM) wariola: umarzuki, volunteers ok?
(11:02:51 PM) motionman: i work in tpm, can help to
(11:02:53 PM) motionman: too*
(11:02:54 PM) umarzuki: ok
(11:02:56 PM) wariola: maybe webteam
(11:03:01 PM) wariola: sapa nk ?
(11:03:04 PM) linuxmalaysia: lagi ramai lagi bagus
(11:03:15 PM) linuxmalaysia: Webteam ahh lupa dah...
(11:03:28 PM) rajaiskandar: hello all, sorry i am late, just got back home from oscc with red1
(11:03:31 PM) ***motionman looking at kage
(11:03:32 PM) F4zli: need to do volunteer application ... :D
(11:03:54 PM) yun: welcome
(11:03:57 PM) motionman: i'm in for any free apps just as long as it's free XD
(11:04:06 PM) sweemeng: free in freedom
(11:04:08 PM) sweemeng: very important
(11:04:12 PM) sweemeng: we are not cheap shit
(11:04:14 PM) e-jat: rajaiskandar: huhu .. sadis tul
(11:04:17 PM) motionman: yup lol
(11:04:56 PM) linuxmalaysia: raja patutlah opis OSCC terang tasi
(11:04:56 PM) rajaiskandar: kalau pantai timur, saya boleh lah tolong hebah2kan
(11:04:57 PM) sweemeng: i will help out how i can
(11:04:58 PM) linuxmalaysia: tadi
(11:05:15 PM) sweemeng: probably even on spot talk or what not
(11:05:24 PM) rajaiskandar: marzuki still in oscc when we left
(11:05:31 PM) wariola: ok then
(11:05:39 PM) wariola: i think we put volunteers list 1st
(11:05:45 PM) wariola: then distribute the work
(11:05:52 PM) wariola: under a separate mailinglist
(11:05:52 PM) linuxmalaysia: Bro raja we are the advisers. Later we need to invite MDeC to be in...
(11:05:59 PM) wariola: and a team leader
(11:06:05 PM) wariola: for volunteers
(11:06:20 PM) motionman: the bad packs
(11:06:25 PM) wariola: so yun can u handle that ?
(11:06:30 PM) wariola: handle the volunteers
(11:06:36 PM) wariola: list, task etc
(11:06:40 PM) wariola: any objection?
(11:06:47 PM) blackblurry: ok
(11:06:48 PM) motionman: nope
(11:06:56 PM) linuxmalaysia: kang yun yang kena buli hehehe. dah lah kecil...
(11:07:09 PM) yun: uhh.. tough 1
(11:07:20 PM) yun: :p
(11:07:24 PM) sweemeng: kecik kecik cili padi
(11:07:32 PM) rajaiskandar: bos, noted that on your email - i am making myself free from work in may - jun 2010
(11:07:34 PM) wariola: takper
(11:07:37 PM) ***yun gelak guling
(11:07:43 PM) wariola: sweemeng can be assihn as her bodyguard
(11:07:49 PM) wariola: sweemeng can be assign as her bodyguard
(11:07:51 PM) sweemeng: btw, please tell me no clash with pycon
(11:07:56 PM) yun: sweemeng tak cukup besar
(11:07:59 PM) motionman: lol
(11:08:00 PM) sharuzzaman: when is pycon?
(11:08:01 PM) linuxmalaysia: Raja tq
(11:08:04 PM) wariola: wah demanding
(11:08:05 PM) ***motionman rofl
(11:08:11 PM) wariola: takkan e1 kot yun
(11:08:20 PM) sweemeng: sharuzzaman, jun as well
(11:08:32 PM) KageSenshi: ahaks ..
(11:08:34 PM) sharuzzaman: ok
(11:09:04 PM) wariola: waht date sweemeng ?
(11:09:12 PM) sweemeng: wariola, wait
(11:09:17 PM) F4zli: sweemeng, you can be bodyguard for yun ... leh jadi pasangan serasi .. :D ... suggestion close!!!
(11:09:19 PM) sweemeng: stupid script hanging my firefox
(11:09:27 PM) sweemeng: F4zli, shut up
(11:09:32 PM) wariola: ok then
(11:09:44 PM) wariola: yun will be the focal point for volunteers
(11:09:51 PM) Maulvi left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(11:09:56 PM) wariola: blackblurry will the focal point for core team
(11:10:08 PM) wariola: rajaiskandar and linuxmalaysia will advice us
(11:10:16 PM) motionman: the sg pycon 9-11june?
(11:10:18 PM) wariola: ajohan will be in the core team
(11:10:24 PM) sweemeng: yes
(11:10:28 PM) wariola: any objection to all motion above?
(11:10:34 PM) wariola: sweemeng, we are 27-30 June
(11:10:34 PM) sweemeng: 9 - 11 june
(11:10:37 PM) wariola: so dun worry
(11:10:37 PM) linuxmalaysia: Nope.
(11:10:40 PM) sweemeng: ok cool
(11:10:46 PM) motionman: motionman motioned
(11:11:04 PM) rajaiskandar: second the motion
(11:11:06 PM) sharuzzaman: we can use the sg pycon stuff for this event
(11:11:08 PM) blackblurry left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
(11:11:09 PM) wariola: so guys pls give yr name to madam yun
(11:11:11 PM) ***sweemeng ok
(11:11:14 PM) wariola: yun, email ada ka?
(11:11:17 PM) ***motionman salut
(11:11:21 PM) yun: missy yun aaa.. not madam
(11:11:23 PM) sweemeng: baik la puan yun
(11:11:23 PM) F4zli: +1
(11:11:23 PM) wariola: or maybe we set a google forms
(11:11:30 PM) wariola: website takder lg
(11:11:32 PM) wariola: :(
(11:11:33 PM) motionman: yup
(11:11:57 PM) wariola: ok then back to our naming issue
(11:12:03 PM) linuxmalaysia: http://fosscon.org/
(11:12:15 PM) linuxmalaysia: they already prepared.
(11:12:17 PM) sweemeng: foss concert
(11:12:24 PM) sweemeng: wait conference
(11:12:26 PM) sweemeng: ....
(11:12:35 PM) wariola: guys
(11:12:37 PM) wariola: btw
(11:12:52 PM) F4zli: are we bit fosscon or not .. or we can use their example ...
(11:12:53 PM) Maulvi [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-ivgddxrsuxzirixq] entered the room.
(11:12:58 PM) wariola: proceed to the name?
(11:13:09 PM) wariola: or let the core team decides?
(11:13:18 PM) wariola: or vote for it?
(11:13:24 PM) linuxmalaysia: hmm the name lets the core decided
(11:13:31 PM) linuxmalaysia: its take 15 minutes just now
(11:13:33 PM) handy_: +1
(11:13:42 PM) sharuzzaman: generate as much name as possible, and vote
(11:13:48 PM) wariola: fosscon looks nice
(11:13:55 PM) wariola: maybe we can their rights
(11:14:05 PM) F4zli: yeah better that way... let core decide ...
(11:14:23 PM) wariola: anybody oppose to that?
(11:14:27 PM) rajaiskandar: what's wrong with msc osconf ?
(11:14:30 PM) sweemeng: nope
(11:14:33 PM) motionman: no msc
(11:14:48 PM) linuxmalaysia: Raja we could not use MSC
(11:14:51 PM) rajaiskandar: ok... bit slow here
(11:14:57 PM) wariola: osconf = kena saman nyer o'reilly oscon
(11:15:02 PM) linuxmalaysia: MDeC will not in the picture this year
(11:15:43 PM) wariola: ok then
(11:15:44 PM) kunang2: owh
(11:15:50 PM) kunang2: kene saman dah ke/
(11:15:52 PM) kunang2: ?
(11:15:54 PM) wariola: core team sumer dah dapat mailinglist invite rite?
(11:16:00 PM) wariola: kena hantar surat je kunang2
(11:16:07 PM) kunang2: oooo
(11:16:13 PM) kunang2: by o'reilly?
(11:16:13 PM) ajohan: belum
(11:16:18 PM) ajohan: ke aku tak masuk core team?
(11:16:38 PM) rajaiskandar: hmm.... need to anchor on a good brand if we are to attract sponsors
(11:16:52 PM) rajaiskandar: core team can decide, will support their decision
(11:17:12 PM) ***motionman go core go core go core
(11:17:14 PM) F4zli: need good face and smiling .... then can go to sponsor .. :)
(11:17:19 PM) wariola: ajohan, aku add ko nnt
(11:17:36 PM) wariola: needs sexy lady some more
(11:17:38 PM) ajohan: warioal ok
(11:17:42 PM) rajaiskandar: will also need to have that brand if we are to invite tpm
(11:17:45 PM) wariola: tho I think we already got one :D
(11:18:03 PM) wariola: ok then core team will discuss that matter
(11:18:05 PM) F4zli: all we here i think all man lol .... where we can get sexy lady??
(11:18:14 PM) wariola: F4zli, ada
(11:18:17 PM) kunang2: ko kan dah berbini
(11:18:17 PM) wariola: tunggu...
(11:18:28 PM) wariola: kunang2, ni citer pasal event
(11:18:34 PM) wariola: jgn pk negatif
(11:18:35 PM) ***motionman sexy ladies sexy ladies sexy ladies
(11:18:37 PM) kunang2: ingat nak cari kat ko
(11:18:39 PM) kunang2: hahahhaa
(11:18:46 PM) yun: back to topic pleaseee
(11:18:52 PM) wariola: ok then Any other business?
(11:19:00 PM) wariola: before we adjourn the meeting
(11:19:06 PM) wariola: someone log this rite?
(11:19:26 PM) wariola: anyone have anythg to discuss?
(11:19:31 PM) kunang2: semua dah mengantuk
(11:19:31 PM) linuxmalaysia: Im logging this will email to chairperson
(11:19:50 PM) sniffit: +1 to adjourn meeting
(11:19:55 PM) rajaiskandar: wariola, minta recap on the main points before we close
(11:20:22 PM) wariola: ok
(11:20:39 PM) wariola: 1st reg the name - we have LOTS of suggestion
(11:20:49 PM) wariola: will be discussed in the core team ML
(11:21:01 PM) wariola: thanks guys BTW for all the suggestions
(11:21:12 PM) wariola: 2nd reg the sponsorship
(11:21:20 PM) wariola: for now we will maintain last year template
(11:21:25 PM) motionman: no problem ;)
(11:21:48 PM) wariola: but might be looking into areas where we offer more value to sponsor
(11:21:49 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok cin
(11:21:53 PM) blackblurry [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-zmoiphrrbjfcoete] entered the room.
(11:21:53 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok cun
(11:22:10 PM) wariola: ajohan will be the negotiator on behalf of us for this matter
(11:22:20 PM) wariola: 3rd Theme and Tagline
(11:22:23 PM) wariola: as with no 1
(11:22:34 PM) wariola: too many suggestions (thanks again guys and gals)
(11:22:38 PM) F4zli: +1 ajohan
(11:22:41 PM) e1: sesama
(11:22:51 PM) wariola: will be discussed among the core team ML
(11:23:20 PM) wariola: 4th volunteers and core team
(11:23:30 PM) wariola: yun will lead the volunteers
(11:23:37 PM) wariola: all pls give your name to kak yun
(11:23:51 PM) sniffit: kak?
(11:23:54 PM) wariola: suggest also to have google forms for anyone to register
(11:23:57 PM) motionman: kak yun macam mana nak contact?
(11:24:02 PM) sniffit: phew finally someone older than me
(11:24:03 PM) sniffit: lol
(11:24:08 PM) wariola: yun, pls give yr mail and phone
(11:24:09 PM) blackblurry: lost
(11:24:10 PM) yun: lol
(11:24:18 PM) ***wariola warning, jgn ngorat yun pulak
(11:24:23 PM) wariola: marah bodyguard dia nnt
(11:24:25 PM) motionman: lol
(11:24:31 PM) KageSenshi: sniffit, linuxmalaysia older than u what
(11:24:45 PM) wariola: and ajohan will be in the core team
(11:24:51 PM) yun: mail : khairunnajah at gmail dot com
(11:24:53 PM) sniffit: KageSenshi, age are just numbers
(11:24:53 PM) wariola: will start discussion rite away
(11:25:01 PM) KageSenshi: sniffit, yep
(11:25:05 PM) motionman: lol
(11:25:12 PM) wariola: KageSenshi, panngil sniffit abang sniffit la pasni, nak?
(11:25:21 PM) F4zli: wah banyak nye pm ke yun .. masing2 nak cucuk jarum kaa .. :D
(11:25:31 PM) ajohan: wariola let me know later
(11:25:34 PM) ajohan: aku gotta run dulu
(11:25:34 PM) wariola: or just PM her BTW
(11:25:37 PM) wariola: ok ajohan
(11:25:38 PM) KageSenshi: wariola, for what? .. i stopped bothering bout age difference since like , high school
(11:25:39 PM) ajohan: gud nite guys
(11:25:42 PM) wariola: but I think thats all
(11:25:48 PM) linuxmalaysia: OK thanks all
(11:25:51 PM) motionman: have fun ;)
(11:25:51 PM) wariola: any more things to add?
(11:25:53 PM) rajaiskandar: wonderful, we should do this more often - sejam dah boleh get so much done, and auto notated
(11:25:59 PM) F4zli: owh the date we already confirm right ??
(11:26:15 PM) yun: volunteers only.. no spam plz..
(11:26:18 PM) handy_: when?
(11:26:19 PM) wariola: ok sorry
(11:26:20 PM) wariola: date
(11:26:26 PM) wariola: 27-30 June 2010
(11:26:27 PM) blackblurry: ok
(11:26:45 PM) F4zli: so far any suggestion on that day!!!
(11:26:53 PM) ajohan left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(11:26:54 PM) wariola: guys
(11:27:03 PM) wariola: do u think we need a secretary?
(11:27:17 PM) F4zli: +10 yun... :D
(11:27:21 PM) blackblurry: no
(11:27:37 PM) wariola: sian kat yun F4zli
(11:27:39 PM) wariola: ko nih
(11:27:48 PM) sharuzzaman: get one if the need arises
(11:27:53 PM) sharuzzaman: currently, no
(11:28:17 PM) linuxmalaysia: Im still can manage to invite and log and write minutes
(11:28:44 PM) yun: wariola sian kat yun ke F4zli ?
(11:28:46 PM) rafe [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-jkfghjnvdbbcyfzm] entered the room.
(11:28:54 PM) yun: +10 linuxmalaysia
(11:28:55 PM) wariola: salam rafe
(11:28:58 PM) motionman left the room.
(11:29:04 PM) wariola: yun lar
(11:29:04 PM) kunang2 left the room.
(11:29:10 PM) wariola: F4zli buat apa
(11:29:15 PM) wariola: so anything to add?
(11:29:16 PM) rafe: salam guys & ladies
(11:29:16 PM) F4zli: ehehe .. :P
(11:29:19 PM) yun: hehe
(11:29:22 PM) F4zli: ws otai rafe
(11:29:24 PM) linuxmalaysia: Salam rafe
(11:29:25 PM) e1: wsalam tuan rafe
(11:29:28 PM) sharuzzaman: w'salam
(11:29:36 PM) yun: wsalam
(11:29:41 PM) rafe: sorry lambat...
(11:29:42 PM) rajaiskandar: rafe, are you late ?
(11:29:56 PM) rajaiskandar: org dah habis lah .... ;p
(11:29:57 PM) blackblurry left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(11:30:04 PM) linuxmalaysia: rafe we will email to you and ritz for the status
(11:30:05 PM) rafe: raja - yes i am.
(11:30:14 PM) motionman [[email protected]] entered the room.
(11:30:16 PM) linuxmalaysia: We hope both of you can join us as advisers
(11:30:19 PM) rafe: alright.
(11:30:23 PM) blackblurry [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-kxtzgwcmlmztrjxk] entered the room.
(11:30:32 PM) wariola: ok all
(11:30:35 PM) wariola: anything to add?
(11:30:39 PM) rajaiskandar: hahaha... i am amazed with irc, within 1 hour can get so much done... i also only caught the last 15 minutes
(11:30:49 PM) sharuzzaman: next meeting?
(11:30:53 PM) sharuzzaman: when?
(11:31:04 PM) linuxmalaysia: oh yes
(11:31:05 PM) F4zli: irc old skool communication ... :P stilll worth you know
(11:31:16 PM) linuxmalaysia: next meeting on 3rd March
(11:31:22 PM) motionman: empathy forbids me from using commands lol
(11:31:26 PM) linuxmalaysia: we need to meet
(11:31:32 PM) linuxmalaysia: selang seli dengan IRC
(11:31:50 PM) rafe: adding in something.
(11:31:50 PM) sharuzzaman: ok
(11:31:50 PM) wariola: by 3rd march core team kena decide nama n theme
(11:31:51 PM) wariola: heheh
(11:31:55 PM) blackblurry: ok
(11:32:08 PM) rafe: haris or black - will send u the contact details for the sponsors...
(11:32:08 PM) F4zli: face to face and irc ... per week or per 2 week
(11:32:08 PM) ***e-jat rafe dipersilakan ..
(11:32:15 PM) rafe: please liase with them ASAP.
(11:32:36 PM) linuxmalaysia: Bro Rafe. Can we request to used any MDeC facility like meeting room?
(11:32:37 PM) rafe: haris / black - place of venue have u guys decided?
(11:32:38 PM) blackblurry: ok
(11:32:47 PM) blackblurry: yes
(11:32:54 PM) blackblurry: PWTC
(11:32:57 PM) rafe: facility... let me know where n when...
(11:33:01 PM) handy_: confirmed?
(11:33:06 PM) rafe: Black - r u sure PWTC?
(11:33:24 PM) F4zli: will be confirm our next meeting at MDEC .. thank bro rafe
(11:33:24 PM) blackblurry: yes for now
(11:33:25 PM) rafe: that should be the last place to consider.. :)
(11:33:45 PM) blackblurry: we are confirming with them after we agreed on the dates
(11:33:46 PM) F4zli: rafe : any suggestion??
(11:34:01 PM) rafe: i talk to BTS already
(11:34:24 PM) e1: dengan minah tu kat lobi ari tu kah bro
(11:34:32 PM) linuxmalaysia: rafe tq
(11:34:52 PM) F4zli: BTS : kalau leh bagi diskaun ok tu bro rafe ..
(11:35:23 PM) yun: 3rd march - irc or meet up meeting?
(11:35:31 PM) watdaeff: boleh selit ham radio using oss ?
(11:35:40 PM) linuxmalaysia: 3rd march meetup
(11:35:46 PM) yun: roger
(11:35:47 PM) motionman: where?
(11:35:56 PM) sharuzzaman: watdaeff: : boleh jer
(11:36:02 PM) F4zli: MDEC??
(11:36:11 PM) watdaeff: boleh ke ni?
(11:36:16 PM) linuxmalaysia: try to get place in KL
(11:36:20 PM) linuxmalaysia: will confirm
(11:36:22 PM) yun: proposed @ MDEC meeting room.. bule ka En Rafe
(11:36:25 PM) motionman: detail on mailing later?
(11:36:33 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok will email to ML
(11:37:08 PM) linuxmalaysia: watdaeff boleh kami jemput waktu hackthon
(11:37:13 PM) linuxmalaysia: bawa satu ham
(11:37:24 PM) rafe_ [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-ubowjirhiqakyxmw] entered the room.
(11:37:51 PM) rafe_ left the room (quit: Client Quit).
(11:37:57 PM) wariola: make it a public meeting or closed meeting on the 3/3
(11:37:59 PM) F4zli: next meeting nak buat area kl juga ka??
(11:37:59 PM) wariola: make it a public meeting or closed meeting on the 3/3 ?
(11:38:13 PM) motionman: free meeting lol
(11:38:16 PM) rafe left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
(11:38:20 PM) rafe [[email protected]/web/freenode/x-nsyfarbdglgxhabk] entered the room.
(11:38:36 PM) wariola: +1 free meeting
(11:38:40 PM) rafe: sorry line tak clear
(11:38:51 PM) linuxmalaysia: 3rd free meeting
(11:38:54 PM) linuxmalaysia: all welcome
(11:39:05 PM) wariola: ok then
(11:39:13 PM) F4zli: need more space if we do public meeting ..
(11:39:15 PM) wariola: better put it on osdcmy mailinglist
(11:40:04 PM) linuxmalaysia: OK I will invite..
(11:40:31 PM) wariola: location TBA
(11:41:08 PM) wariola: ok anything more to add?
(11:41:12 PM) wariola: anyone?
(11:41:18 PM) motionman: off topic: this friday public holiday?
(11:41:25 PM) motionman: as in kl
(11:41:47 PM) linuxmalaysia: yes kl public holiday
(11:41:48 PM) sharuzzaman: motionman: rasanya
(11:41:59 PM) motionman: damn...
(11:42:06 PM) motionman: sorry lol
(11:42:36 PM) F4zli: cuti2 mesia maaa...
(11:43:04 PM) wariola: ok we can adjourn the meeting?
(11:43:25 PM) wariola: 10
(11:43:27 PM) wariola: 9
(11:43:28 PM) wariola: 8
(11:43:30 PM) wariola: 7
(11:43:34 PM) sharuzzaman: ok
(11:43:37 PM) wariola: anything?
(11:43:39 PM) wariola: 6
(11:43:41 PM) wariola: 5
(11:43:41 PM) sharuzzaman: nope
(11:43:42 PM) wariola: 4
(11:43:44 PM) wariola: 3
(11:43:47 PM) wariola: 2
(11:43:48 PM) motionman: tada
(11:43:51 PM) wariola: 2 1/2
(11:44:01 PM) wariola: 1
(11:44:03 PM) wariola: 1 1/2
(11:44:05 PM) KageSenshi: wariola, just kill it already
(11:44:12 PM) wariola: hehe titttttttttttt
(11:44:12 PM) sharuzzaman: init 0
(11:44:15 PM) wariola: ok
(11:44:18 PM) linuxmalaysia: ok hehe
(11:44:20 PM) KageSenshi: rm -rf /
(11:44:22 PM) sweemeng: shutdown -h
(11:44:28 PM) wariola: tidor -h
(11:44:29 PM) wariola: bye
(11:44:31 PM) linuxmalaysia: Wariola black I will email the log
(11:44:36 PM) wariola: ok
(11:44:37 PM) ***F4zli tekan butang off
(11:44:38 PM) wariola: thanks linuxmalaysia
(11:44:41 PM) jose left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(11:44:45 PM) sharuzzaman: good night
(11:44:47 PM) wariola: thanks everyone
(11:44:49 PM) wariola: for attending
(11:44:49 PM) KageSenshi: ah .. theres no fedbot here .. :P
(11:44:50 PM) sniffit left the room ("Leaving").
(11:44:52 PM) sweemeng: orang dah tua
(11:44:54 PM) motionman: have fun dreaming
(11:44:59 PM) sweemeng: sekarang pun kena awal rehat
(11:45:02 PM) ***sweemeng is a old man
(11:45:03 PM) ***sweemeng runs
(11:45:05 PM) wariola: really appreciate it
(11:45:08 PM) sweemeng left the room (quit: Quit: i'm gone.......).
(11:45:11 PM) Azhax: nite people, ZzZZZ

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