Gpars: Concurrency For Dummies ... And Real People Too - MOSC2011

Gpars: Concurrency For Dummies ... And Real People Too - MOSC2011

Face it, concurrency is hard. Everything from unit testing, debugging and even creating concurrent software becomes a very tangled business when  concurrency is involved. Unfortunately, with the advent of multi-core processors and cloud computing, no developers can escape concurrency. GPars, a concurrency framework for both Groovy and Java was created to tackle the challenge of simplifying concurrency. This paper will visit some aspects of GPars  that will simplify the life of real world developers.

MOSC2011 Speaker : Azrul Hasni MADISA

Date : 4 July 2011 4.30pm
Track 1 Business & Innovative OSS Solution

Azrul Hasni MADISA graduated with a diplĂ´me d'ingenieur (MSc. equivalent) from one of France's top Engineering Schools (INSA) in 2002. Soon after, he joined TMNet and was assigned to TMNet's billing team as an IT engineer. His passion for teaching led him to resign from TMNet and joined Multimedia University (MMU) as a lecturer. He won several commendation awards from the President of MMU for his teaching skills. In 2004 he joined JTrend, a Sun Microsystems, MMU and MDeC collaboration project to help Malaysian technopreneurs. Under his guidance, several companies in JTrend managed to penetrate markets as far as the UK. Some even manage to won the Asian APICTA award. In 2007, he joined Billadam, a UK company specializing in mobile content, as the Chief Technology Officer. In 2010, he joined Experian R&D, a UK based financial analytics company, as a software architect. He currently leads a team specializing in datawarehousing and BI implementations. He is also a blackbelt in Aikido and teaches Aikido to kids in the weekends. In his free time he likes to read - that is, if he manages to put his 7 year old son and his 3 year old daughter to bed first.

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 (MOSC2011)

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