MesinMaya - Low Overhead x86 Virtualization System

MesinMaya - Low Overhead x86 Virtualization System - MOSC2011

MesinMaya is an award winning open source virtualization system. Its architecture provides a low overhead operations for virtual machine executions. This is very critical in boosting performance and enhancing expensive translation operations. As a "system", MesinMaya runs on top of its own kernel and provides its own hypervisor and secure user space. To become a full-fledged system especially in providing greater experience for cloud computing deployment, MesinMaya requires a lot of codes components from programmers. This presentation is targeting system programmers, researchers and software companies that wish to create remote modules or components for MesinMaya particularly in enhancing cloud computing usage. The copyright and ownership for creating remote modules or components for MesinMaya is entirely belongs to the person who code it. It can be written in any programming languages that support network protocols. Codes owner then can decide to sell it or to publish it as open source.

MOSC2011 Speaker : Azril Azam Abdul Rahim

Day 2 : 5 July 2011 10.30am

Track2 Developer & OSS Community

Azril Azam to this date has a cumulative of 15 years in embedded system and kernel development, computer security and applications system programming experiances. Throughout those years he has developed several software titles, both commercial and open source. He is also has received a numbers of local and international awards and recognition for his research works, both from industries and governments. He is currently the founder, owner and lead developer for MesinMaya. His interest in virtualization started in 1998 when VMWARE made a breakthrough on their patented binary translation. Later, he moved on to other various virtualization projects such as PLEX86, BOSCH, XEN and KVM. He also has involved in several other smaller scale global virtualization projects utilizing L4 microkernel and MINIX. In 2007, he designed the low overhead x86 virtualization architecture to allow full virtualization on mobile devices whilst complementing trusted computing elements. After the success, realizing there is no much benefit in mobile market, he has made an effort for many years to port it on high scale computer.  Azril obtained both computer science and operation management degrees from the University of Missouri. He is also holds computer security certifications in GCFA, CEH, ECSP and CEI.

Azril Azam Abdul Rahim

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 (MOSC2011)

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