Product Roadmap of MySQL - RDBMS and NoSQL, And Beyond

Product Roadmap of MySQL - RDBMS and NoSQL, And Beyond

MySQL has announced new product roadmap beyond MySQL 5.5 and MySQL Cluster 7.1.We summarize MySQL's first year under Oracle's stewardship, discuss thecurrent and ongoing engagement with the MySQL users and offer insights into future roadmaps and commitment to MySQL products.

Current major version MySQL 5.5 has number of enhancements in performance, scalability, and availability. MySQL development team is accelerating development of InnoDB storage engine to implement some legacy features of MyISAM into InnoDB.

Also, with new NDB Engine for Memcached, you can use Memcached as a caching interface to MySQL Cluster, Or it can be configured so that NDB simply serves as a reliable persistent backend for memcache, making MySQL Cluster's fault tolerance and geographic replication available to memcached.

Speaker : Ryusuke Kajiyama

Ryusuke is OSS Specialist with 10+ years of experience of systems design using MySQL and open source solutions. He originally joined MySQL, and is now working as MySQL Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle based in Japan. Responsible for consulting and education of MySQL, covering all Asian countries.

Prior to join MySQL, he was Consultant at Nomura Research Institute, Japan's largest consulting firm, working on enterprise systems design with OSS. He is the project lead of "OpenOLAP for MySQL", Co-Founder of Japan JBoss Users Group.

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 (MOSC2011)

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