REST in pieces (with FRAPI)

REST in pieces (with FRAPI) - MOSC2011

Simplicity can be applied to all sorts of problems, regardless of its complexity. Because simplicity exists in the problem ecosystem and not within the problem itself. It is not true when associating simplicity for fixing small problems, and more complex and big-money solutions for more bigger and complicated problems. With FRAPI, you can rapidly develop RESTful APIs that are high performing and scalable. Instead of 'fighting' with available PHP frameworks, Frapi is a framework that embraces the standards and mindset of web modelling, which is definitely fantastic for building web applications. It can also be applied to power your web applications, mobile services, and also legacy systems.This talk will covers how developers can actually rest, with Frapi.

MOSC2011 Speaker : Errazudin Ishak

Track2 Developer & OSS Community Day 2 5 July 2011 11.30am

Errazudin holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science (Sofware Engineering) and works as Solution Architect at Mimos Berhad, a Malaysian government research agency, in ICT and frontier technology. His job focuses on web application development, deployment, performance and stability. He has spoken at several meetups and conferences and has worked with various back-end and web technologies. In his free time he loves to emulate Richard Gasquet’s swerving backhand on court.

Errazudin Ishak

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 (MOSC2011)

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