GNOME:nuts and bolts

GNOME:nuts and bolts

The talk to make people knowledgeable about GNOME and to get new users and contributors. 

Its will be more about :

  • GNOME Introduction.
  • User friendly GNOME.
  • How can a newbie contribute to GNOME by using GNOME Development tools and GNOME Bugzilla.

Speaker : Punit Jain

A little introduction of GNOME sponsorship program for women and GSOC." I am Punit, I work for Novell and contribute to GNOME. I have been contributing for evolution for more than a year. I was involved in several bug fixes in evolution, EDS, evolution-exchange and evolution-mapi. I was also involved in some features development in evolution-mapi (public folder subscription), optimization of EDS calendar backend etc. I am also an active GNOME Bugzilla contributor and have done bug triaging at times. I am also building latest stable and unstable evolution rpms on openSUSE so people can use latest versions.

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