Frans van der Star Founder Star Consulting Netherlands

Frans Van Der Star

Founder Star Consulting, Netherlands

In 1992, Frans van der Star  at the time he was 42 years of age he came across with Open Source Phenomena during workshop of the Ministry in the Netherlands and started using Ubuntu. Through interaction with international Open Source Communities he started his exploration and  research into accountancy and ERP-software due to his core activities as accountant in Holland.

Until now he has been actively involved into LedgerSMB, Idempiere (fork of Adempiere) and Open Taps. Although his residence is now Teluk Intan, where he has been teaching since 2011 Open Source Software training and English at SUWA Independant Chinese Secondary school and supply consultancy to various companies he is able to participate within the national and world-wide communities. He is a regular guest-speaker at various Malaysian Open Source conferences.

He has successfully completed his studies: accountancy, law and human resource at an academic level.  He is father of two daughters and a son and grandfather of six grandsons who are currently living in the Netherlands

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