Malaysia Open Source Conference (MOSCMY) Mobile Application - Part 1 (POC)

Malaysia Open Source Conference (MOSCMY) Mobile Application - Part 1 (POC)

We are building our own MOSCMY mobile application with DrupalGap. DrupalGap is an open source mobile application development kit for Drupal Websites. This is still a "proof of concept" (POC) stage for MOSCMY website (part 1). Help us and give us your feedback how you want us to build MOSCMY Mobile Application.

1) Download and Run the DrupalGap Mobile App on an Android or iOS Device

or search for DrupalGap

(Optional) Please rate the DrupalGap mobile application to help improve it!

2) Press "Setup" and enter this link for site URL

3) Press "Connect" and wait for popup to display "Connected" and press OK.

4) Explore Malaysia Open Source Conference 2013 site and give your feedback/comments here

Join MOSCMY Facebook Page for latest update of MOSCMY Mobile application development. You can learn how to create your own Mobile Application with Phonegap.

Setup by :-

LinuxMalaysia @ Harisfazillah Jamel

6 July 2013

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